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4chan dating website

More specifically, we study the temporal dynamics of URLs from 99 mainstream and alternative news domains as they appear in these three communities.

Figure 1 depicts how the fake information flowed between the communities involved in this particular example, thus forming a sort of of web communities.

4chan has been known on occasion to pick worthy targets for its “malwebolence.” This is not one of those times.

As part of a campaign to launch an “involuntary” flash mob, 4chan users and people on Reddit’s 4chan forum are making fake profiles on Ok Cupid and other dating sites to lure what they are calling “forever alone” dudes to Times Square and film them on a webcam.

So we wanted to understand whether this is true, and to what extent they actually influence the rest of the web. We selected /pol/, the politically incorrect board, which is where most alt-right users gather and discuss their world-views.

We started by trying to understand the dynamics of these populations and this service.

In May, his team published two papers exploring how hate speech and fake news are spread around the Internet, focusing on the notorious but popular 4chan message boards.

In a conference-proceedings paper, the researchers analysed 8 million posts on 4chan’s /pol/ (‘politically incorrect’) board, and traced how its users ‘raid’ other websites by posting inflammatory comments, they traced interactions between 4chan boards and other online communities, such as Twitter and Reddit, to examine how sites share links from known fake news sites, or from what the team calls 'alternative' news sources such as RT (formerly Russia Today). Nobody is really looking at these communities, but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence suggesting that they have an impact in the real world by spreading certain types of news.

Nevertheless, anecdotal evidence and the aforementioned example suggests that mainstream web communities, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as “fringe” web communities, such as 4chan and Reddit, are part of the Web centipede of information diffusion.