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Codes are things you can aspire to, not rules that tell you what not to do, or when you should be feeling guilty because you caved in.”Chapter headings are in line with Thompson’s direct approach: “The Answer is Faith,” “Look Them in the Eye and Speak from the Heart,” “Don’t Get Caught in the Drama,” “Living by Your Word” and “The Horse That Bucks is Always Gonna Buck.”Thompson’s ideal isn’t abstract: It’s rooted directly in a code promoted by the singer and movie star Gene Autry in the 1940s.

This was her first time shooting The Grateful Dead though. She had started listening to The Dead's music because the guy who lived next door to her in Tuscaloosa was into them "and I was totally into him, so I sent away for tickets and invited him to the show," she recalls now.

Her fluffy cat Sampson, named for the Dead song "Sampson & Delilah," is chilling on an adjacent end table.

That summer day in Pittsburgh, Jennings came away with a few keeper photos of the band, including singer/guitarists Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir.

"They work hard, play hard and depend on each other.