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The implication on the right has always been that during that meeting, Obama and Ayers mapped out their long-con to seize control of the reins of American power and institute a regime of violent Communism from the inside. It’s not entirely clear why Bill Ayers would break his relative public silence on the set of “The Kelly File.” Perhaps for a laugh? In the interview, he’s relatively candid about his belief that he and fellow members of the Weather Underground were right to bomb American property in protest of the Vietnam War, and suggests that they should have destroyed more. Several times he’s asked about over-the-top things he and his wife, fellow Undergrounder Bernadine Dohrn, have either written about or reportedly said back in the day. After the interview he probably contacted Obama on their private telegraph line and transmitted the message, “MR. Conservative investigative maker-upper guy Jack Cashill believed (still believes?

President Obama, let me ask you this, how much ideology did the two of you share? KELLY: Did he ever contact you once you became the story in his presidential race? (Sadly, National Review has since taken this one down.) It’s entertaining stuff when Fox News interviews real leftists, and hopefully they’ll do more — not just attention-seeking carnival barkers or ones with famously tarnished pasts like Bill Ayers.

While these events may seem too distant for most Americans, residents of the Boston suburb of Stoughton, Mass., got a crash course on global dangers as part of an inventive interfaith event at a local synagogue last week.

The event—titled “Jews, Evangelicals, Israel—We Are in This Together: Evangelical Support for Israel and the Fight against the Genocide of Christians in the Middle East”—featured Dr.

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Half a world away from American suburbia, Christians and other Middle East minority populations are facing extinction from Islamic terror groups such as the Islamic State.

At the same time, Israel, the world’s lone Jewish state, deals with the organized terrorism of Hamas and Hezbollah as well as so-called “lone wolf” Palestinian terrorists.

When the State of Israel was founded in 1948, it inherited “sodomy” laws from the British Mandate legal code.