Start Are elena and damon dating in the show

Are elena and damon dating in the show

Plus, we asked Somerhalder to spill what Candice King's baby bombshell will mean for Caroline and Stefan on the show and -- Spoiler Alert!

[Damon and Stefan] came into her life, and they destroyed it. If Elena were my best friend, I'd tell her to run the hell away from this guy and find some nice pre-med student to settle down with at Whitmore College.

But that's just not the world Elena and Damon live in.

To judge Damon's worthiness of love based on the things he's done as a vampire would be wrong.

Now as we move into the next chapter of the supernatural saga, we caught up with Somerhalder at the first-ever live Words With Friends tournament to benefit the ASPCA in Los Angeles last week, and he promised fans that even though Elena is gone, she will "There is a really incredible evolution of the story that is going to happen and she's still within the story," the actor revealed to ET.

Though the object of Damon’s affection is still catching up on her beauty sleep at the top of Season 8, executive producer Julie Plec promises that Nina Dobrev‘s character “has a very strong presence this season, in the entire season, similarly to how she did last year.” “We set up at the end [of Season 7] that Stefan had kept up with writing in the journal to keep [Elena] up to speed with everything they’ve been going through,” Plec reminds TVLine.

“We really keep that up in the beginning of the season.

And he's always a little bit better with Elena at his side.