Start Are shailene woodley and daren kagasoff dating in real life

Are shailene woodley and daren kagasoff dating in real life

So, I don’t know if Ricky’s ready and honestly I don’t if Amy’s ready, just because that is such a huge lifelong commitment. It’s great to have their young, youthful energy on the set. Amy and Ashley’s relationship, well, they are siblings and they are—I mean in a lot of ways polar opposites, but in a lot of ways, they’re kind of similar too. She has a lot of knowledge that she was probably just born with, a lot of commonsense, street-smart knowledge. So, I think they kind of rub each other wrong or they rub each other wrong with that department of their life, a lot in the sense that Ashley thinks she always knows and Amy thinks she always knows, but I think deep down, of course, they love each other. We’ll see that coming up, I’m sure, just because as teenagers get older, they kind of become closer with their siblings.

Then to have to live together or not live together and all the pressures of other kids in high school and the pressure of wanting to feel grown-up , but not really being grown-up yet and wanting to prove to her parents that she can do it on her own, but she can’t really do it on her own yet. To have those little boys on set all the time is so much fun. Amy does—even though she has a child, and we’re not glamorizing it -it’s really difficult to be a teenage mom, Amy has a lot of responsibility and Ashley doesn’t really have anything.

So, I think that affects her life in a lot of different ways, because she’s always got that in the back of her mind, trying to prove that she’s older because she does have a two-year-old son, trying to prove that she can do it, when she might not really be in the space to be able to. So, I think Ashley’s always trying to prove that she’s more mature. I think that kind of gets in the middle of them as well.

After a few months of frequent sleepovers, Ricky invites Amy to move in permanently with their son, but in light of Ben and Adrian's recent drama, she feels guilty about the positive direction that her own life is taking.

Not to mention the fact that James is reportedly already in a relationship with actress, Ruth Kearney.

They have appeared in many movies being romantically linked and thus, people started speculating about their relationship beyond the screen.

I was up at San Francisco State studying business management and I kind of couldn't find my niche in anything.

Though Shailene doesn't have an Instagram, Megan's account is full of supportive pics of the two pals, because the friendships made on While it's adorable that these former castmates are still buds, there is one question I have about this reunion: what the heck is going on with Ken Baumann's facial hair?