Start Back dating my bill on verizon wireless

Back dating my bill on verizon wireless

They shut off my service on my family's four lines after I was only two weeks' late on my payment. They send me all of these stupid text alerts about everything else.

(credit report ding#1); I then sent a disputed claim to collections to buy me some time to investigate further.

We make it as easy as possible for you to pay your bill by offering a wide variety of payment options, including online, by mail, in person, by phone, and by Auto Pay. If there's going to be a problem paying your bill by the day it is due, for any reason, give us a [...] How to Read Your Bill: Residential Paper Bill To better understand your Frontier bill, please see: Our video tutorial Detailed descriptions of your bill's different sections A diagram highlighting where to find your account number, recent payment, new charges and more If [...] Your Frontier bill is easy to understand when you know what types of information each section has to offer you.

Read a detailed explanation of the each section: Account Summary Billing Date versus the New Charges Due Date Payment address Monthly Service Charges Unusual or unexpected [...] Frontier is committed to helping qualified individuals, schools, libraries, community based organizations, and health care providers meet their needs.

THEN I received a bill at the end of January from another DIFFERENT collections agency for 100.53.

They had no idea what the charges were for (Ding #3) I called Verizon and after two hours, getting hung up on 3 times, getting a rep whose connection on her phone was so bad I literally could only understand every 5th word, I was told they were outstanding internet services from August through Oct (a timeframe that I didn't have services) I then called back again and was told they were wireless services.

I don't want to increase our bill at all, as we usually never go over 10 gigs in a month.

Anything you could do to get us some data added to replace the 10 gigs that were used in just a day or so after June's new cycle began.

I terminated my one bill on August 17th 2012 in which I had my wireless bill, internet, home phone and Direct TV. In October 2012 I paid off what I thought to be the final remaining balance, as this was the last communication I received.