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So I have a blackberry and I like to check pof like many of you. Does anyone know if this would be a problem for me to create an app for blackberry.

Posts12918090I go on POF on my iphone sometimes and it does the job i use safari but i do have a shortcut to POF on my homescreen so it feels more like a native application im pretty sure there is a way to do it on a BB as well just take a look around the setting or bookmarks page and see if you can find anything about it On my blackberry , if you look in the application centre , there is facebook ,google talk, my space, both messengers, flickr, you just have to install the application, if its not in your phone its probably available from RIM for install I had just bookmarked POF on my blackberry bold and had been using it just fine, not very many limitations.

Yesterday evening, when the update the website occurred now that I opened my laptop and logged on I discovered, it won't load now. Theres no Plentyoffish is your application going to connect to exactly?

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