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Bsa backdating

So long as your son has the four required ones he needs, any two others—regardless of what they are—can count toward the six required for this rank. Now, both Scouts have “aged out.” One’s now 19 and the other, 20.

What the staff did was write up an incident report in January backdating it and all memorandums relating to it, to appear as if they had been prepared on Dec.

They also claimed to have misplaced said incident report but later recovered it. Chester first became aware of what was being done by staff and he advised the administration at F. Chester's good time credit and prolong his incarceration. Murillo falsified and backdated documents, claiming to have investigated the incident report on Dec. Chester a copy of the incident report on that date.

Yes, by all means resubmit the requests, and ask that the certificates be back-dated, if possible, to when the Eagles earned their ranks (their Eagle board of review date). Their rationale is a bunch of horsepucky, set up not to merely bend the rules but to consciously step over the line using the blatant fiction that “it’s not a Scouting event.” The troop’s chartered organization head may be interested in knowing that if there’s any sort of lawsuit-worthy mishap when they do this, there’s not an ounce of BSA insurance coverage and the sponsor’s gonna be flappin’ in the breeze, right alongside the adults who were there when the incident happened.

But if the back-dating can’t be done, don’t let that stop you! You’re still “on the level.” ========== Dear Andy, My son’s troop leaders have decided that laser tag is an appropriate outing for the Scouts because “it’s not a Scout outing—they’re just a group of boys who happen to be going laser-tagging instead of to a troop meeting.” Who do we protest this to when the Scoutmaster and others refuse to budge? Consider also reaching out to your district’s Commissioner staff and asking for help.

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If they can’t help, it may be time to look for a troop that’s willing to follow the rules.

========== Hi Andy, Can a patrol position other than Patrol Leader (e.g., patrol scribe, patrol quartermaster) count as a “position of responsibility” for rank advancement?

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