Start Bsod after updating itunes

Bsod after updating itunes

Quite a few i Phone users faced an issue known as “blue screen of death”.

What is blue screen of death and how about the cause? Generally speaking, standard software wouldn’t cause the blue screen of death.

I wasn’t even using it most of the time, it was in my pocket at work (could tell because of lock screen that indicated I needed to enter my pin after a restart as opposed to finger ID).

At one point I was texting my SO about it, the screen turned blue for maybe 2 seconds and it restarted. Neither of us have had any problems or repairs on our phones ever.

)Now, if this does not solve your problems, you may have an actual hardware issue which may require you to go to an Apple Store and check it out.

Hope this guide helped you guys out, and if you have any more tips or tricks for saving i Phones and whatnot, let us know in the comments.

Katyovescoach on Reddit published the following: “Hey guys.

So this morning my i Phone 6 (4 months old) started just randomly restarting itself every 20-30 minutes or so.

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