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Man Attached to my Back is taking the controls of the parachute (who knew it had a steering wheel?

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He's the boss and Lord knows I've never done anything like this before. So here we are, my new master strapped to my back and that huge monstrosity strapped to his back. And with that, we count to three and jump out of the plane. The skin on my face is being pulled back so tight that for a moment, I'm afraid I look like one of those society ladies on New York's upper east side who've had a one facelift too many. Speaking of, my human backpack is now holding my wrist in front of me as if that is supposed to tell me something.

Next thing I know, he's thrusting me forward, inching me along until we're right at the point of no return. Although, come to think of it, how am I going to do that? Suddenly, some crazy ass frogman pops up from literally nowhere and he's wearing a huge camera on his head, aimed at me. I can't help but feel these harnesses are pretty damn loose.

At any rate, I'd like to believe that I would have remembered to pull it before we bounced of the Earth like human ping pong balls. Well, that's what it feels like when in actuality, the parachute has opened and we just stopped shooting downwards.

Or perhaps it fell out of my brain when I fell out of the plane. I buy a bridge in San Francisco from this guy right now, I love him that much for not letting me die.

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