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There's also a balcony above the Embassy's entrance that can be used as a elevated position.

Among other notable benefactors, R G Gayer-Anderson (1943) and Sir Robert Greg (1954) deserve to be singled out, whose bequests to the Museum provided the Egyptian collection with some of its most significant artefacts.

i adore this place from world , its a place which gives inside your body feeling of magic ,the wind and the view makes you feel that there are ghosts around you whisper ,feel shaking , wondering who are the pharaonic and there are alot of tombs i was scared from , but the best place has really magic and real museums is in luxor and Aswan city , there is the real world of ancient made me really interesting about this civilization and enjoyed the 2 weeks i spent with my family there, i recommended this 2 cities ,i hope from skyline put a cam there in these cities , the wonders never end in these places ,many secrets with real magic Egypt is really one of the best places to visit on the entire planet and pyramids are its ornaments.

Egyptian Embassy is the third of the Charlie Missions.