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When we declined, he said he’d settle for having sex with us one at a time. Just kidding—we got the hell out of there as quickly as possible, whereupon a man in a decrepit sports car sighted us, stepped on the brakes, and offered us a ride, and also drugs. In the United States, residents between the ages of 15 to 64 split evenly along gender lines.

Still a Vital Partner in the Community Since being in the Cheyenne community, dating back to 2005, IBMC College quickly established its roots and importance as a preferred accelerated training college for adults interested in pursuing a new career.

It has also served a vital role in the community as an employer, employing hundreds of staff members throughout the years and standing as a major supplier of more than 500 trained medical assistants, medical billers and coders, cosmetologists, hairstylists, nail technicians, estheticians, IT workers, massage therapists, business professionals and paralegal graduates during various periods these last 12 years. Trujillo, a 2016 Cheyenne campus graduate of the Medical Assisting program, chose IBMC College because she yearned to have a career, spend more time with her daughter and create a better life for the two of them.

"He thinks he's like a mastermind." Meanwhile, Devin chimes in and exclaims he's "really smart." Can't even utter a complete sentence without one of them having a differing opinion of what the other person is saying...

Grinds my damn gears when people think Cry and I were ever legally not supposed to be together.

When a female friend and I took a road trip through the American West last year, we did not deliberately chart a course through several states—Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah—that are known for their surplus of male residents. We’d seen the unintentionally erotic 1990s Chevrolet commercials.

If the ratio worked in our advantage, we weren’t going to argue with the math. A grizzled, ponytailed rodeo rider, Tim noticed us the second we walked into the Cheyenne, Wyo., bar.

We want our Cheyenne students to finish what they started, complete their programs and continue to support student success in a variety of ways: IBMC College is providing a number of campus re-location training opportunities at their two neighboring campus locations in Fort Collins and Greeley, Colorado, where students’ credits will transfer directly.