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Cypriot dating service

You might be one of the rare lucky ones who hasn’t experienced meeting your date in person for the first time; to find that compared to the photo you have been chatting to, they’re a few years older, four inches shorter, and 10 pounds heavier…wait not even single!

By Alexia Evripidou WITH VALENTINE’S Day fast approaching, many men and women in their 30s know from bitter personal experience that love and relationships are in trouble.

They complain of loneliness and their inability to find partners and each cite the opposite sex as the problem. Why are attractive, intelligent and willing 30 somethings struggling to find partners and turning to non Cypriots for solace?

The Turkish Cypriot community has played an important part in London life since the 1950s.

Many came to the UK when Cyprus used to be a British colony.

Love it or hate it, internet dating is here to stay!

This seven-week period between Christmas and Valentine’s day is reported to be the busiest time for on line dating sites internationally, and sees a 30% increase in sign ups, 10% leave within 30 days of signing up- mostly women!

Others arrived in the 1960s and 1970s, either as economic migrants or to escape war on the island.

For nearly two decades, the London Turkish Film Festival has explored the capital's links with the eastern Mediterranean.

MFB Introductions render it services only to people who are interested in a serious relationship in view to marriage, or live together.

but at the same time I ma closely working with the most eminent Introductions ( Dating) service operating in Cyprus and M. MFB Introduction is registered officially with the Registrar of companies in the Government of Cyprus, and renders its service to Cypriots in Cyprus to Emigrants Cypriots, to English and other Europeans who live permanently in Cyprus.

Meanwhile anonymous Miss Y points out “It’s very difficult to meet boys here, they’re reserved.