Start Dating a professional poker player

Dating a professional poker player

Oh yeah, especially in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.

But it’s worth remembering your ring creates certain assumptions in other players.

Bankroll management is important for any long-term winning poker player. When you enjoy a big win, there’s nothing like sharing it with your SO for short- and long-term relationship gains.

Tell them you are an “investor” if you have to say anything.

The reason why I tell younger guys to do this is twofold.

Kurganov's first tournament was the 2010 Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure where he finished 119th cashing for $20,000.

In April 2012, he won the EPT High Roller in Monte Carlo for $1,425,874.

First off, any asshole can call themselves a poker player. I walked into an electronics store the other day looking for some cheaper monitors.