Start Dating a younger man how young is too young

Dating a younger man how young is too young

Your body won’t bounce back the same; and if he wanted a party girl, he’d be with one, instead of you. The greatest thing about dating someone younger is that he has so many places to show you that you’d never know about otherwise, and visa versa. You’ve had a longer life and inevitably accomplished more than your cub.

He's at least 5 years younger (I said at least, I'm not telling my actual age) 3. He's a starving but hard working student (doesn't have alot of money) 5.

I know not to have super high expectations of him since he is younger than me, but would it be a total waste of time to give him or chance? I dated a woman 19 years older than me for a year ..did everything together and were thinking of marriage.

So, I'm on vacation out of state, and lord am I having the time of my life.

Cougars are all the rage for men in their twenties through forties (although the latter are kidding themselves—they’re no young cubs).