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Dating bad timing

But when it comes to something not as simple as a scheduled visit or routine of your daily life, how can you be so sure that timing is essential?

It’s so easy to get in and out of these superficial ties that people often aren’t even sure if they are single or not, are they dating someone or it’s just been a one-off thing last Saturday and they’ll never speak to each other again. The chances of getting battered and bruised by someone who’ll see us as passing entertainment and not the real thing are pretty high. The consequence of keeping your heart at bay is that we often have no clue whether we feel something for someone or not.

The truth is that you will probably meet several people throughout your lifetime that may be “the one.” The problem is that they may not be “the one for now.” What do I mean by that?

I think that we can all admit that we aren’t the same person from one stage to the next.

Remember my soul mate that I talked about in previous posts? I was talking to X-amount of guys, flirting with others, having the time of my life…but once I met him, none of that mattered, because I truly believed that he was everything I was searching for. Not everyone is going to take control of the situation and take a chance. We’re all different in the way we handle certain situations, and I can’t knock people for having a different mindset than me.

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