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Dating flirt questions

That’s a big question but ultimately it’s to decide if this person has potential. It reveals your type, what you were like in a relationship, your current attitude towards the opposite sex, how ready you are to move forward into a new healthy relationship, your comfort with commitment, how introspective and reflective you are, your red flags, etc. You both have to talk about your exes in order to say “Yes, it’s safe to go there.

You arrive at the restaurant, spend a few minutes perusing the menu and -- after the meal has been ordered -- the real date finally begins.

What have other people you've dated liked the most about you? What have other people you've dated complained about the most? Have you ever struggled with any mental health issues? How do you honestly feel about dating someone who has mental health issues of their own?

Why did you break up with your last significant other? Why did your last significant other break up with you?

If we end up dating, will either one of us be settling?