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Dating game the lewiston sun journal

But as life happened, Larsen didn’t make it to Maine until September 2013.

It also features an employer database that showcases quality-of-life issues, such as health care, crime, But for the slightly less-abbreviated version, Larsen shared with the Sun Media Group a number things that pointed him toward Maine throughout his life, including his love of the movie, “Pete’s Dragon.” He noted the movie is set in Passamaquoddy, “in an unnamed state, or at least it was assumed – or I assumed – it was Maine.” Larsen has always loved lighthouses and wanted to see Maine’s rugged coastline.

He is a huge fan of Stephen King, who lives and writes in Maine, where many of his stories are set.

Those individuals who have earned the privilege to represent Lewiston High School in interscholastic athletics/activities are expected to accept these greater responsibilities as school citizens.

The Evening Journal, Lewiston's first newspaper, started publishing in 1861. In 1989, the two papers combined to form the Sun Journal.

Lewiston High School has a wide range of athletic activities with 21 different programs and 42 teams.

It is the school's hope that there is something for everyone to be involved in.

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