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Dating passwords

In that case, maybe I shouldn't be sending that text, but that's up to me and my moral code, not her and hers.

She woke up to him yelling at her, berating her over what he'd found on the phone. ), but it points to the crux of the problem for me: how much a part of our lives do we want our significant others to be? When it comes to examples like the above, the matter has as much to do with where we draw the line for cheating as it does with privacy (Ariane took a look at revealing one's passwords and cheating last week).

Hackers broke into the database for a military dating Web site and stole passwords, e-mail addresses, and other information from nearly 171,000 accounts, according to a post on the Pastebin site this weekend: "The website was recently closed day ago or so, so we dumped email db," the hackers said in their post.

"There are emails such as @mil ; @mil ; @; @; etc.." So-called "data dumps" are a common occurrence, but what makes this one notable is that the group is using the names "Lulz Sec" and "Lulz Sec Reborn." The three weeks ago of alleged key members of the Lulz Sec group of hackers who had taunted government agents and harassed government contractors and other corporations by attacking their sites and stealing data since last year.

The vulnerable No SQL database solution contained the login details for over 1.5 million users, including their usernames and plaintext passwords.

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