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Dating revenge stories

After three months of this, I was seriously traumatised - and then I decided to find out for myself, realising he wasn't strong enough to be honest. Ongoing husband torture- Whenever he does something horrible or mean, I do spiteful little things he never knows about. My ex boyfriend was a controlling self centered individual who believed that I would be loyal to him even when he left me for a Scottish wench! Oh poor baby won't be able to contact his friends or the girlfriend! I made up a pretty gift basket with all the goodies and left it on her porch from a secret admirer..not until I had a little fun with the shampoo, conditioner and serum.

I followed them again and watched them set up a picnic in the local park, obviously settling in for the afternoon all cozy and kissy under a blanket. Now the house we lived in had three separate garages, there was an inter-leading door between his two. He has never known any of the evil things I have done and we've been together for 8 yrs. Then placed some of the original product just in the neck of the bottle to make it smell as it should. It was a charitable organization run by women who were like The Devil Wears Prada, except they were bored stupid rich housewives and not career types.

He always kept the empty one locked and when I wanted to used it to store stuff in it, he suggested the stuff would be safer inside the house. Well, while they were happily picnicking, I hired a bunch of keys from the local locksmith and opened up the 3rd garage. So I spent the rest of the day distributing the boxes to the local orphanage, places of safety and tramps on the street. I was exhausted and somewhat guilty but my over-riding feeling was a mixture of relief and justice. Needless to say, she fell for it, used the product and now has some broken and fried hair! I still have some revenge to get, but haven't gotten all the details worked out on that yet. They just wore designer duds, while they sh*t on me all day because since I had to WORK for a living I MUST be scum.

It was the fact that she would lie about it that I didn't like.