Start Dating the age of teddy bears

Dating the age of teddy bears

All bears were rated according to the 1-4 scale from Good to Unacceptable, with comments relating to display requirements/supports/mounts included.

The most popular characters include Winnie the Pooh, Rupert, Paddington and of course his Aunt Lucy and Sooty, including a vintage original Harry Corbet musical automata.

Carrying on the tradition from Christie's South Kensington, we are pleased to announce The Toy Auctioneer's first bi-annual traditional auction of Teddy Bears and soft toys.

Run by Daniel Agnew, this is sure to be an important event in the bear collector's calendar.

The bears come from many sources, including other museums and private collections, and BGMC planned to loan about 100 teddy bears to this exhibition.

The BGMC Collection currently comprises almost 200 bears, but none had either been surveyed or treated in the recorded past.

' Teddy bears' have been part of childhood ever since, and these days for many, particularly antique dealers and collectors, they are an important part of adulthood too and can fetch high prices in the salerooms.

To mark the centenary, an exhibition ' Teddy Bear Story: 100 Years of the Teddy Bear' is being held in Liverpool from October 19th 2002 to 23rd February 2003 and in London at Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood (BGMC) from 29th March 2003 to 31st December 2003.

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