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Tip: be sure to go for a drink in a Tsipouradika near the harbour, where you will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and a nice view. Agios Nikolaos is a unique Byzantine church thanks to its marble reliefs and wonderful bell tower on the courtyard. This neoclassical building was constructed in 1909 and displays objects found at the ancient settlements of Sesklo and Dimini, whose ruins are worth a visit as well.

It is an agreeable spectacle especially by night when only their lights can be seen.

Overlooking Pagasetic Gulf, the elegant 5-star Valis Resort offers a seasonal outdoor pool, an indoor swimming pool and a ballroom.

Featuring traditional architecture, the hotel is welcoming guests since 2008.

The city of Volos is the politic and economic capital of the prefecture and has a population of 71,000 inhabitants. The city of Volos was founded in the mid 19th century. The city has an important waterfront which is lined with many pastry shops, cafes-bars, restaurants and mezedopolia.

The waterfront is also the place where local people go for a stroll which is a walk before or after the dinner.

Volos participated in the Olympic Games, and as an Olympic City it helped to present a new face of contemporary Greece to a world audience.

The city has also since played host to a succession of athletic events, such as the European Athletic Championships. Due to current economic trouble, Greece lost the right to host the games (as of january 23 2011).

Built at the innermost point of the Pagasetic Gulf and at the foot of Mount Pilio or Pelion (the land of the Centaurs), Volos is the only outlet towards the sea from Thessaly, the country's largest agricultural region.