Start Dating women who like to masterbate

Dating women who like to masterbate

I am not going to preach total abstinence from watching porn and self-gratification through masturbation, as both acts are so natural to the man kind and are such an important part of the vast majority of a man’s sex life, at least one point in their lives.

May sound like a dumb question, but a good female friend of mine says she feels weird to masterbate and that why she has never done it. Do any of you feel the same way or have done it felt its not your thing.

Also do you think its a matter of a lack of sexaul awareness.

Toys are good too, but a good ol' fashion hand job is great.

- Kim - I masturbate two or three times a day every day. On another posting I made the comment that women enjoy the seduction and touching when it comes to sex.

Being able to masturbate to good porn is the second best option to real sex with a very attractive woman.

And many guys actually prefer porn over having mediocre sex or sex with someone they are not that attracted to, as at least when they masturbate to a pornstar, they can fantasize about being with her – something which is much harder to achieve when you are actually touching the girl you are not that into but you still go for because you don’t have better options at that time.

Just know I'm sensitive and don't go telling your freinds and be bragging about it AFTER. I also heard the best part about watchin' is when she's done you can eat it.

Here are some of the emails I've gotten especially early on before I had the post your story section: - I like it as a stress relief. I've learned to the contrary that masturbation is good for the mind and body. After all, if she can't please herself, then how can she tell her lover what to do.

fantasy ::: handcuff my man to my sex chair nekkid and make him watch me use my toys on myself... i think theres nothing hotter than watching a woman or two women pleasing thersef.

I love to watch, but at some point I am going to be going nuts not being able to take over and do what I do best :) during oral on a woman I think most women love to play with themselves while you are down there and love it when you are watching them do it, and looking up at them.....really turns them on.

There are times of the month that u can have a man go down on you besides that time. Now as for me i do enjoy watching a guy play with himself and him watching me.