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Between the kitty litter and the toothpaste, on a lonely aisle of your supermarket, they cry out for love. Last month, several of these women attended the Emerald City Writers' Conference. Largely for that reason, Martin-Arnold didn't attend the event, which was organized by the Greater Seattle chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

As of 2010, women held 51.4 percent of all managerial and professional positions, compared with 26 percent in 1980.

Women account for the lion’s share of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and make up a majority of the work force.

So sure was she of the limitless romantic opportunities available that at the age of 28 she broke up with a wonderful boyfriend. He was “an exceptional person, intelligent, good-looking, loyal, kind.” Why did she discard him? today we’re contending with a new ‘dating gap,’ where marriage-minded women are increasingly confronted with either deadbeats or players.” There is a great deal of interesting data in this piece.

And yet, there are those glamour shots — Bolick behind the wheel wearing a fetching red dress; Bolick in a gold evening gown holding a glass of champagne; Bolick in a black cocktail dress — but her expressions range from pensive to sad — never happy.

But their guerrilla marketing campaign seriously poo-pooed on the famous underwear brand.

Tinder were quick to disassociate themselves and say that they in no way approved of the campaign and that it wasn't a paid ad. Tinder which is owned by IAC/Inter Active, has considered offering ads on its free service but their premium service contains no paid marketing.

Luckily, the last is a skill that she’s having a hard time mastering.

Remy has worked a major publishing company and written for many different outlets, both in fiction and non-fiction, under several names.

Remy Richard is an author of contemporary and paranormal romance novels.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Remy spends most of her free time writing in the French Quarter, eating beignets at Café Du Monde and trying to control herself around sexy Cajun men with great accents.

Before heading home alone to watch Desperate Housewives or The Hills, these shoppers may smirk, wondering to themselves, "Why would anyone want to read these books?