Start Disadvantages of dating a single mother

Disadvantages of dating a single mother

Behind, her kids, her job, the car, the kitchen sink, the stopped up toilet.

It’s usually that determines provider hunter status, not motherhood.

And those feelings she still has for him will always prevent her from getting closer to you. Some of these guys still think they have a shot at getting back with her. The kids are working AGAINST YOU When dealing with a single mother you also deal with Kids. They will act out to keep you from getting closer to mommy.

There will always be some distance between a single mother and the new man in her life.5. Kids who still in their little heart of hearts think that Dad will come back and love them. They will make accusations against you to get you in trouble.

He’s just supposed to be there to give her everything she wants in life.4. Seriously, it’s a game they’re playing with each other.