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East eurpoean dating

Apple seeds were spread along trade routes, but the early trees were unable to bear much fruit due to a lack of the European honey bee, Apis mellifera.

I find your paranoia (re supposed Government cover-ups) and your racism sad. Hi Keri, The stone work on the New Zealand landscape is far from, "wee sighting pits or rolled over tiny stones", as you put it.

O, and nasty, offensive, vicious, and due to get its own comeback. Many of the individual, purpose placed obelisks are in the estimated range of ten or twelve tons..a lot more.

into a single branch is somewhat controversial, but the exclusively shared features outweigh the divergences.

Nope, they followed the cuckoo too-There is NOTHING - your stone works are a joke - real Celts built substantial rings and dolmens and chambers, not pathetic wee sighting heaps or rolled over tiny stones - EVER discovered here that says anyone except my Eastern Polynesian (possibly Western Melanesian at some stage) ancestors were here before my Celtic ancestors.

here is something about castles that inspires awe and at the same time touches a gentler, more romantic side in each of us.

And if you want to visit and tour some of the best castles in the world, then Europe should be your destination as this continent certainly has more than its share.

It was much more prolific than the native honey bee, the Apis mellipona, which produces less than one kilogram of honey each year (compared to the Apis mellifera’s 50 kilograms).