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Egypt sexy video

And as popular female stars reveal more and more flesh, controversy has inevitably grown in Egypt's mainly Muslim society.

When Akhenaten came to power, he recreated the religious universe by doing away with polytheism and insisting his subjects worship Aten, the sun god.

He also gave himself, and his queen Nefertiti, a sacred promotion.

A knife attacker appears to have exclusively targeted female tourists during a deadly rampage before hotel staff pinned him down and wheeled him away in a luggage cart.

Two German women were killed and four more tourists injured during the knife attack at a beach in Egypt.

Queen Nefertiti was the most powerful woman in ancient Egypt. Many believe the unearthing of her likeness was staged, and that the bust, currently insured for $400 million, is one of the greatest art frauds of all time.

But few would know anything about her if it weren't for her statue, discovered in the Amarna Desert in 1912. Follow our team of experts as they sort through the clues, visit the sites, and put the spectacular object to the test to solve this ancient secret.

British holidaymakers were injured evacuating a Thomas Cook plane in Egypt after smoke started coming from under a passenger's seat.

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