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Ross is ordered to leave Roscoff under threat of execution and Morwenna and Drake share a moment of intimacy on the beach.

Following the opening of the Warleggan Bank, he employs Morwenna Chynoweth, Elizabeth’s cousin, as a governess for the boy.

Geoffrey Charles and Ross bond over their hatred of George.

Despite George’s promise to be generous to his tenants to further his ambition of becoming a burgess, he revokes the Methodist’s property lease.

Clisson drives a hard bargain with Ross for his information and George leads Caroline to expect the worst regarding Dwight.

If ever there was a time for getting your kit off, you'd think this would be it. There's a long list of those testifying against him for his involvement in the plundering of the Queen Charlotte shipwreck.

Most have been bribed by snake-in-the-grass George Warleggan's lawyer, Tankard. Like a Toby jug you'd imagine a tankard to be jolly and portly, but not this one.

Verity returns to Trenwith, awaiting word from her husband Andrew, whose ship is en route to Lisbon and Elizabeth feels the sting of Morwenna and Geoffrey Charles’ connection.

After Valentine is christened, having seen Morwenna as they pass, Drake suggests the church to Sam as a place for the Methodists to worship.

In 1988 he played Theodore Dyke Acland in the serial Jack the Ripper.

His film career included roles in Zeppelin (1971), Mahler (1974), The Company of Wolves (1984), The Second Victory (1986), Scandal (1989) and Janice Beard (1999).

Interestingly, neither of them mentions her little Horace this time. Last episode Caroline and her little dog were inseparable, before Enys prescribed him opium. Not once have you forecast an outcome that has been remotely cheering." Francis' death? His corpse, freshly slaughtered, blocks the door to his hotel room and dishy Doctor Enys can't get in. "So for the moment you have a talkative companion instead of a silent one." You have to feel for Doctor E.