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Erin burnett bio dating

The baby will be the first for Burnett, 36, and her husband, David Rubulotta, 42, a managing director at Citigroup.

Burnett later returned to TV with the comedy series , which was performed on Broadway from October 2002 to January 2003.

In recent years, Burnett has been appearing at theaters across the country.

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Now at 45 and a mother, Gilbert told TODAY’s Erin Burnett Tuesday in New York that she is comfortable with who she is and can look back at her life experience without shame. I’m married to a man I’m absolutely crazy about, who cherishes me.

“Everything, no matter how painful, led me to this place I am right now, which is really an amazing place to be,” Gilbert said. It’s a real gift.” Innocence lost Gilbert starred alongside Michael Landon in the hit TV show from 1974 to 1983, beginning as a fresh-faced, buck-toothed, 9-year-old redhead in pigtails.

I was the girl in the one-piece bathing suit with cotton pajamas over it and a hat, eating a baloney sandwich with mayonnaise dripping down my hand, and I was like 15 years old at that point.” And still, it all descended into a whirl of drugs, alcohol and sex.

The show ran for 11 seasons, leaving the air in 1978.

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