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Eunjung kim soo hyun dating

In an interview on the 11th, "There have been rumors about me and Kim Soohyun but they are not correct.

Then I knew he wasn't my husband and we laughed about it together." she said.

While attending seventh grade, Eun-jung started taekwondo lessons and won three different competitions.

And after Eunjung joined the cast of MBC's "We Got Married" rumors about the two raised.

Eunjung said, "On 'Dream High', along with Suzy and Taecyeon, Kim Soohyun and I throughout appearing became close friends.

She can't force him to fall in love with herand she also can't get him off her head.

" It's fine if you want to say in my heart but don't make it hurt. I love - " - Soohyun" Please don't do this to me, Soohyun.

Eunjung is one of a perfect girl that would be a perfect girlfriend for anyone.

It's hard to get her heart but one day she fell in love but what hurt most when the person she loves never love her back instead lovingher own bestfriend, Jiyeon who is also his bestfriend's girlfriend. " - Seungho Characters IU/Lee Ji Eun, Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Myungsoo, Park Jiyeon Description She was okay.

Even afterward, we still contacted each other to see how we are doing.

I was especially happy for Kim Soohyun to see him often shooting ads and having a lot of fans, but we just have a friendly relationship.""After the news report of 'We Got Married' appeared, I started to think the rumors were true and 'was really afraid and scared of the rumors were true.' We were filming on the same set for the ad and I kept thinking it could be him, but when I was on my first shot of 'We Got Married' he asked me what I was doing and he told me he was resting at home.

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