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Apparently, he had told Priscilla that he might get kicked out in three days because of the disciplinary situation — "So we need to go on a date quickly." So it's all thanks to the Facemash snafu that he ultimately acted on his romantic impulses."You're getting kicked out soon, too," he reminded the grads who will soon no longer have access to the university's hallowed halls.

Video bloggers have taken the dating world by storm by providing useful advice through an entertaining platform.

What makes an 83-year-old, single stand-up comedian uniquely qualified to give relationship advice?

Well, if you asked Lynn Ruth Miller herself, she'd probably say, "Nothing." But if you heard her routine, you'd probably say, "Everything." Miller's timeless hilarity first rose to international prominence when she went on England's Channel 4 reality television program, .

This is the part that no one watches, so I'd like to discuss this mattress documentary I watched, the name of which escaped me. So in the olden days mattresses were on rope bases, so you'd have to tighten your ropes to sleep tight.