Start Inconsistent behavior dating

Inconsistent behavior dating

There’s no acceptable reason to wait for days to respond.

I once dated a guy I'll call Lewis* who was, initially, very excited about "us" — disconcertingly so.

If you’re wondering if the guy you’re crushing on likes you back, you can cut the gray area now because there is only one way to tell, and it doesn’t involve dissecting text messages or making a story out of every little sign.

Any and all of the above are behaviors of a guy who only wants you for casual fun or sex. Can beginnings that start off as no-strings attached fun turn into something more meaningful? But that is the exception, not the majority of cases.

Similarly, when a guy shows up strong at first but quickly loses his passion for you and isn’t willing to do something about it, it’s a warning he’s not valuing you as strongly as he needs to, to make it work.

An example of this is that guy who makes you feel so wanted, alive and beautiful but can then go days (or even weeks) without even texting you.

It’s totally baffling, and I can’t just let things roll off my back anymore like I used to.

I’ve been told “not to overthink it” and to “stop overanalyzing” things in dating, but no matter how hard I try, I just can’t help it. I wish I could be more laid-back and optimistic, but before that can happen, it would help if these guys are going to need to start behaving like normal human beings. I don’t care if ghosting is apparently the new norm — I still think it’s a crappy way to date, and I can’t get on board with the times.

The following are examples of a guy who is either behaving poorly, or not that into you.