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Instant sexchat messenger

What can be done to protect you is to encrypt your messages, but this is the least thing.

The service became customisable in 2003, with personalised avatars, emoticons and theme colours.

In 1999, MSN was launched by Microsoft to rival AOL's Aim service.

It began life as a plain text messaging service, with a manageable contact list.

Or maybe a simple question to ask to a group of developers?

It usually requires a group meeting to solve this kind of issues, but it may not always be worth the waste of time.

Server (PHP) provides great flexibility, including the 3rd-Party extension possibility (e.g. Allows companies/communities (organizations, associations, institutions...) and dispersed workgroups to create and control their own network of instant collaborative messengers.

Can install server on your local network (lan) or on internet (a shared hosted server is enough).

Latest major version: Users Files Backup: create your own dropbox/Sky Drive/hubic/...