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Jay kenneth johnson dating shelley hennig

She has amazingly smooth and sexy legs which when revealed add more to her persona. She also has a curvaceous body which is yet to be exposed.

She was also aged from a toddler to a preteen a few years prior.

As far as I can tell, the big points of focus right now are: Oh, sorry, that last one was only a focus of one episode. But really, has there been an episode in weeks that hasn't primarily revolved around one of the first three? Hope: There's nothing I care to remember about Stefano Di Mera. Which is kind of a nice thing about having amnesia, only along with all the bad stuff I've lost all the good stuff too. And I wasn't even watching when the submarine sex happened! (Though that whole strange-men-in-a-hotel-room thing was icky.). I mean, first of all, it's so obviously one of those Very Special Storylines, and I hate those if they're not done just right.

There have been a few highlights, and the daily dialogue isn't bad, but I just don't understand where the show is going. Let alone when he says something truly funny and I lose all pretense of jaded soap fan/critic. Hope: To look at this you'd think the Di Meras were just your average happy family. John: Still, I'll bet it brings back some memories for you also. Wait, that's not true, it's worth transcribing, but I was still laughing from "spine-shattering sex on a submarine" so I couldn't focus. And just because I know some of you will think that I only like Nicole because she's in EJ's orbit and I have, you know, a little bit of an issue in that department, no, I like her relationship with Ava, too. I was also embarrassed for Midol, the advertising industry, the concept of marketing in general, over-the-counter medication, and menstruation.

No kid in Salem seems to escape the wrath of Rapid Aging Syndrome – and in some cases, Regressive Aging Syndrome (though that one is rare). He was born in 1995, but he’s probably about 17 now.