Start Kim bum moon geun young dating

Kim bum moon geun young dating

Please look on them kindly."There are also reports, which haven't been confirmed, that the two were spotted going off on a trip to Europe together as they're currently on break after the end of their drama.

Before her acting debut on a television drama series, Moon filmed several commercials and modeled for various magazines.

She started modeling at the age of 12, and first appeared onscreen on the 1999 documentary drama On the Road directed by Choi Jae-eun.

Following her early success, she returned to the screen in 2001 as the young Empress Myeongseong (Lee Mi-yeon played the adult version) in the historical drama Empress Myeongseong.

In 2002, Moon made her film debut in Lovers' Concerto, playing a supporting role as Cha Tae-hyun's younger sister.

To add to the list of celebrity relationships, it's been confirmed that Moon Geun Young(26) and Kim Bum(24) are dating!

Rumors erupted that the two 'Goddess of Fire, Jeongi' co-stars have been in a relationship for one month, and Moon Geun Young's agency has officially confirmed that it's true.

Attention drama fans in Europe, or maybe let’s start with the Eastern Europe contingent first.

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