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Ces effondrements à répétition sont généralement dus à l'irrespect des normes de construction.

Both of these come from the front of the hand, and by scrambling the seam for his off-break, Narine deceives countless batsmen. In method and deportment, he is a modern Tich Freeman.

Track 1-11, Vigon "Frozen Steak "Popcorn"", has the artist and title reversed.

track 1-12, "Stuff N' Thing", is wrongly titled "Stuff N' Things". i NFO: Transport yourself back to 1997 and Mr David Holmes' Essential Mix.

Jusqu'ici, au moins 15 personnes sont mortes et 100 autres ont été blessées, selon la police par l'agence Reuters.

Les autorités locales annoncent qu'un bilan lourd est à craindre, car plusieurs personnes sont encore sous les gravats.

Given the centuries-long assault on spinners from all sides – shorter boundaries, limited overs, bigger bats, video technology, cautious umpires in the pre-Hawkeye era, pitifully ignorant captains – it would be wonderful even if spin bowling just happened to survive in an era when Muralitharan, Warne and Kumble were gone from the top level.

In fact, because of T20 and the IPL specifically, we are embarked on a new era of greatness in spin.

Track 1-17, "Dustcracks, Bugs And Roaches", is wrongly titled "Dustcracks, Bugs And Roached". This stunning 2-hour DJ set has since then been crowned as the "Best Essential Mix Ever".