Start Linq updating records

Linq updating records

Moreover, it doesn’t only applicable to manipulate database results, but it can also be used to manipulates array/list collections. NET framework 3.0 and can be used from languages supported by . The term ‘LINQ To SQL‘ refers to the technology by which we can use LINQ for access SQL Databases.

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First step to be able to use Lin Q on our SQL database, we will need to define a way, by which .

NET can recognize the database as Classes/Objects, so we will need to map the database tables/stored procedures to Lin Q to SQL classes.

The set of queries expressible in the LINQ syntax is broader than those enabled in the URI syntax that is used by OData data services.

A Not Supported Exception is raised when the query cannot be mapped to a URI in the target data service.

Without this step, your changes are only local and will not appear in query results.

After you have added the new customer by submitting the changes, you cannot execute this solution again as is.

Besides, I will also discuss about using ‘select’ query in linq to retrieve data and traverse through the query results(in case of multiple result objects).