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Masiela lusha dating bryan fisher

As an award winning poet, Lusha is also considered to be the youngest author in the world to publish a book in two languages. Writes Her First Poem was translated in Albanian, German, and English, which also gave her the recognition of being the youngest author to write a book in three languages.

In 2007, Lusha founded her production company, Illuminary Pictures, and has since produced two films with the company.

Throughout her career, Lusha has been placed on numerous 'best dressed' lists.

You are different enough for it to be potentially problematic, but you are not allowed to acknowledge how you are different because to do so would be self-aggrandizing.

Be more like everyone else, but don’t you dare address how you are different.

Because much of the world sees intelligence as a good thing, talking about it seems braggadocios, which is incredibly problematic.

People with high IQs are outliers, and outliers are often a more difficult fit in many respects because the world is not made for them.

He was pressured by his father into taking steroids to enhance his athletic abilities.