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Musical updating of romeo juliet

However, one actor in the film executes the Shakespearean dialogue with expert precision.

The iambic pentameter proves to be too much for many of the young actors.

They’re saying the right words, but you’re not entirely sure that they understand what it is that they’re saying.

Armstrong went on to join Baz Luhrmann on the musical spectacular Moulin Rouge.

As Hollywood Reporter reveals, the project, titled "Atlantis," will be "a Romeo and Juliet style story inspired by his childhood in Virginia Beach." The hitmaker will team with Tony Award-winning Broadway director Michael Mayer to direct the film.

Composer: This project marked the start of a perfect partnership with director Baz Luhrmann for Craig Armstrong.

Collaborating with Armstrong on the score were two previous Massive Attack cohorts, Nelle Hooper and Marius de Vries, who undertook the ambitious task of creating the unconventional soundtrack to the very unconventional modern interpretation of the Shakespeare classic.

The interactive promenade productions invites the audience to dance alongside Romeo and Juliet as they fall in love, be a witness at their secret marriage, to take part in the tragic fight that leads to Tybalt’s death and to weep at Romeo and Juliet’s poignant final moments together.

David Cooper, Chief Executive of the Kings Theatre, was keen to find recent graduates to take on the iconic roles of the Romeo and Juliet.

The Kings Theatre Portsmouth and Teatro Nuovo-Verona, Teatro Stabile Veneto are once again joining forces to bring Italian and English Language productions of the most famous romantic tragedy ever written, Romeo and Juliet, to its original setting.

This production of Romeo and Juliet features three cast members (and a narrator), including ALRA's third year student Grant Reeves, performing the play’s greatest scenes in some of Verona’s most beautiful locations including Juliet’s courtyard, the Cortile Ex Tribunale, the Cortile Mercato Vecchio and Teatro Nuovo.

Joining Di Caprio and Danes in the film is John Leguizamo (as Mercutio, and Paul Rudd (yes, that Paul Rudd) as Paris.