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BPD is refractory to treatment, being that it is a personality disorder induced by emotional trauma, which cannot be treated chemically.

I remember my boss telling me this in one of my first post-college jobs.

I thought it was funny, but he was serious: don’t date people you work with.

I completely understand it’s an inconvenience — your frustration is not in the wrong.

But it also wouldn’t be wrong to consider that your close friend who usually doesn’t date has someone meaningful in her life now, and that goes well with the spirit of celebration.

However, I was too scared to tell him I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship two months ago.

By a stroke of luck I did not deserve because I had misrepresented myself online, he has given me a year, two months, and 25 days of a type of patience I do not possess.

Plus, your wedding seems a great size for this accommodation: not so small that an extra, non-acquainted guest would wreck the vibe, but not so large that any “floodgates” will be more than a trickle.

It’s a cost-benefit analysis, and though weddings often call for a hard line, given her closeness to you, I’d encourage some wiggle. My father is very judgmental about overweight people and has never been able to shut up about it.

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Love Advice Have you ever heard the adage, “don’t fish off the company pier”?

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