Start Objectdatasource updating input parameters

Objectdatasource updating input parameters

Figure 1Let's define a Table Adapter item representing the logic to access the Production.

Select Parameters["Customer ID"] = obj Customer Parameter; obj Customer.

Select Parameters["Database"] = obj GPDatabase Parameter; Add them to the event for the operation you are trying to use.

The Object Data Source control is particularly suited for declarative programming and, in general, all those scenarios where your information fits well in the control s programming interface.

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Perhaps it is simply the order in which the Text Box controls are added to the Edit Item Template?

the order of the controls must match the order of the Update Parameters...

When you create methods in a business object, you must ensure that the parameter names and types accepted by the business object method match the parameter names and types that the collection; and so on.

Introduction This article is intended to show how to invoke server-side methods (expecting input parameters) stored in the SQL Server 2005 Management System using the Object Data Source components.

Actually it was working fine till i have not changed Update Method's parameter." I believe the simple answer is: it knows because of the Bind statements you put in the Text Box controls.

txt Address has "Bind("Address")" so when the update is called, it has a connection between txt Address and parameter "Address" I believe this is correct.

Similarly named pre- and post-action events fire during the updating, inserting, and deleting processes, as well.