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On interracial dating

magazine, the singer-actress penned a commentary in which she described feeling her "spirit wince" upon discovering that a black male acquaintance of hers had a white wife.

Reddit user PM_ME_UNIFORMS, a white woman married to a Southeast Asian man, explains, "The worst part for me is the number of people (OK, women) who, after learning I’m married to an Asian guy, say something along the lines of ’Oh, I couldn’t, I’ve just never been attracted to Asian men!

I would like to hear opinions on interracial relationships.

Honestly, I wasn’t even thinking about until I started dating gut with a different skin color than mine. Not only that interracial relationships provide individuals with the unique opportunity to learn, experience, and appreciate different cultures and backgrounds, but also the opportunity to see the beauty in different nationalities and peoples.

Today, the ladies of ABC's "The View" discussed the controversy.

Are Scott's views bigoted or understandable in some ways, the "View" crew wondered.

Because "The Walking Dead" is a show about humans vs.

zombies, the post-apocalyptic world is somewhat colorblind.

CLEVELAND, Ohio - It was roughly a year ago that two of "The Walking Dead's" main characters hooked up.

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