Start Onvalidatingpassword args not working

Onvalidatingpassword args not working

This question grapples with the same problem, but the author gave up on getting the answer to his question and simply overrode the function.

CREATE TABLE Users ( PKID Guid NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, Username Text (255) NOT NULL, Application Name Text (255) NOT NULL, Email Text (128) NOT NULL, Comment Text (255), Password Text (128) NOT NULL, Password Question Text (255), Password Answer Text (255), Is Approved Yes No, Last Activity Date Date Time, Last Login Date Date Time, Last Password Changed Date Date Time, Creation Date Date Time, Is On Line Yes No, Is Locked Out Yes No, Last Locked Out Date Date Time, Failed Password Attempt Count Integer, Failed Password Attempt Window Start Date Time, Failed Password Answer Attempt Count Integer, Failed Password Answer Attempt Window Start Date Time, Is Subscriber Yes No, Customer ID Text (64) ) method of the custom membership provider can be written to receive an object of the custom membership user type as input.

The following sections provide guidance on creating a custom membership provider that uses a custom membership user type.

The examples build on the code provided in , which has been updated to return the custom membership user type from the Create a Custom Membership User section earlier in this topic.

An overload has been created to take values for the additional properties of the custom membership provider as input.

Code sample (with a custom Create User function) protected override void On Validating Password(Validate Password Event Args e) // // Membership Provider.

Create User // public Membership User Create User(string username, string password, string global Identifier, string first Name, string last Name, string birth Date, object provider User Key, out Membership Create Status status) { Validate Password Event Args args = new Validate Password Event Args(username, password, true); On Validating Password(args); if (args.

I have custom CHange Password Control and when I enter new password into it, the new password goes into the database fine. Is it the membership Provider or the changepassword.aspx?

However all password is encrypted in my database as I set up in my Membership Provider. in the database, i can see pw is woman for id= man, when unchanged passwords for other ids are like "523EB3BD201F" (encrypted) and when i try to log-in with id=man pw=woman, I cannot login.. I have set up I can get my new password encrypted into database now, however, i still cannot log in with the new password.. HELP HELP HELP, the security of my site is in danger!!!! ive just built a website, that hase 3 login sections. A sound engineer was doing some contract work, and my boss showed him the website. 'whats the password' and my boss said 'none of your business'.. Would you please give me some easy to understand sourcecode for Change Password Control?

Cancel) It is confusing, but I believe the intent is that this provides a hook for external logic to participate in password validation; A custom provider would still need to write its own validation logic.

If you take a look at the source code for the SQL Membership Provider (download the Provider Toolkit Samples), you'll see that it includes logic to validate the password, and also calls , and that it seems to imply that it is handling password validation, rather than raising an event to let other code validate the password.

Changed password goes into the database not encrypted, and it is causing the changed password not working. in my Extended Membership i have changepassword class like this, public override bool Change Password(string username, string old Password, string new Password) and this is encrypting password private static string Create Random Salt() private string Create Hashed Password(string password, string salt) requires Question And Answer="false" requires Unique Email="false" password Format="Clear" max Invalid Password Attempts="5" min Required Password Length="5" min Required Nonalphanumeric Characters="0" password Attempt Window="10" password Strength Regular Expression=""/ help in controls Hi All, As I'm new to .net, i'm aware of only the basic server controls and their uses. Gurcan yucel [email protected] "I was using 2 extra columns to modify something from client." what does this mean that you added to the result set? its for a small company, and its designed for their emloyees. then this guy ran a little script and got into the admin section instantly!!! I have searched for several website but I can't understand.