Start Optus trouble validating name

Optus trouble validating name

Under section 134A of the CCA, the ACCC may issue an infringement notice if it believes, on reasonable grounds, that a person has contravened certain provisions of the Australian Consumer Law (including section 29).

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commissioner (The internet over the years has become an increasingly important part of consumers’ lives, and there has been growing competition between providers for the supply of Internet services and plans.

Alongside these developments, the ACCC has kept watch on the advertising and selling practices of internet providers, to make sure they don’t infringe consumer protections.

A number of Australian internet service providers' websites are running on dual-stack servers according to, earning the green tick of approval.

This includes ii Net, Internode, TPG and South Australia's Adam Internet.

However, the website of ii Net subsidiary, Westnet, is not IPv6-enabled. More worryingly, au,, au and don't validate.

As you would expect the Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU) validates (and bears a big green tick on its home page to prove it), as does the CSIRO's website.

$199 for a E169 modem (not sure if it included any data for the first month). This most certainly will shake up the wireless ISP industry in australia. I believe what What up Skip is talking about is no Voice calls via 3G/GSM (i.e.

I've not read anything which suggests Vo IP won't be available. Just like virgin limits P2P, I'd say Optus would be protecting their own investments.

I believe what What up Skip is talking about is no Voice calls via 3G/GSM (i.e.

put the SIM card in your mobile) as opposed to Vo IP (via HDSPA data).

This is common to most Wireless Broadband plans, the carriers, in the terms and conditions do not promise Voice Calls will work, but on the other will heavily charge you for them when they do.