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Over 60s cams

It’s very hard to have people sit at a table and talk for ten minutes in single-camera without the viewer getting antsy, because single-camera comedies depend on short scenes, snappy scenes.

Built in the UK and supported by first class customer service, 360 Vision Technology’s analogue, HD IP, Stainless Steel, Thermal and Radar controlled CCTV surveillance cameras are designed to suit a broad range of general and harsh environment applications across many market sectors.

Many can resemble low-budget independent films (even the biggest sitcoms’ budgets pale in comparison to feature films).

Single-cameras, because of the way they are shot, typically don’t have live studio audiences and most eschew a replacement laugh track.

Just as good characters in comedy can be indicated by lines that are only funny because they were spoken by that particular character, the single-camera environment sets a tone and becomes a place where jokes are only funny because they were specifically said within them.