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Paula white dating 2016

Without Walls recently purchased property on Grady Avenue, including a vacant sanctuary building.

White has said that she was sexually and physically abused between the ages of six and thirteen, by different people on different occasions.

In 1984, while living in Maryland, she converted to Christianity at the Damascus Church of God.

She later claimed to have received a vision from God shortly after her conversion: "When I was just eighteen years old, the Lord gave me a vision that every time I opened my mouth and declared the Word of the Lord, there was a manifestation of His Spirit where people were either healed, delivered, or saved.

After filing for bankruptcy, he sold Without Walls's 13-acre property on W Columbus Drive, moved to a modest lease on Kennedy Boulevard and took over a local soup kitchen.

He paid off creditors and in 2014, declared the church debt-free.

White was named to chair the evangelical advisory board in Donald Trump's administration.

Donald and Myra Furr's marriage began to fail when White was five years old.

"I'm doing extremely well considering what I've been through," he says.