Start Plesk 10 awstats not updating

Plesk 10 awstats not updating

Before you assign a custom plan item to a subscription or a plan, you need to configure the plan item in Plesk.

When I installed Drupal with clean url's it made my Awstats (within the cgi-bin) not work and just return a Drupal page not found error.

Drupal is installed in the root directory (public_html) of my web space so is the cgi-bin folder that Awstats is in.

Enables the APS applications filter for the specified hosting plan or subscription.

A filter restricts the number of applications available for installation on websites.

It presents data about total numbers of users, referring pages, country of origin, browsers, and much more.

The creation of the data AWStats displays requires a lot of computer resources.

If an applications filter is not enabled (configured), then the subscription owner can install all applications available from the Application Catalog those that were uploaded to the server by the administrator and marked as available for installation.

You can learn more about restricting access to applications in Administrator's Guide , use the following two commands: plesk bin subscription --enable-aps-filter plesk bin subscription --add-aps-filter-item -aps-filter-item-name name -aps-filter-item-value "wordpress" Shows information on the active APS applications filter.

As a result, some hosts limit how often it is updated or don't provide it at all. AWStats is a utility written in the Perl programming language that parses the logs on your server and generates easy-to-read statistics from them.

Compatible with any Web server, It gives you at-a-glance access to your file transfer stats, website traffic and visitor information, mail server activity, and more.

If yes, it sets the webstat-protdir-access to true, enabling authentication.