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Pretty little liars cast dating

Although these secrets are far less dark and complicated then what Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna have to deal with, they are undeniably surprising and cool to know. Swear this one you’ll save, Better lock it, in your pocket, Taking this one to the grave… Her father is of Scottish and Irish descent and her mother is a Filipina! After worrying that Emily knows his secret about his former romantic relationship with his sister Jenna, Toby panics and ends up overdosing on pills out in the woods. We don’t know if you’ve realized but Aria is a serial cheater. Anyone who ships Hanna and Caleb would be pleased to know that the duo dated in real life.

So much, to the point where she cried upon learning that Spencer and Caleb would be hooking up. I thought we were going to get married, have kids, and then I find out that we’re breaking up” she told ET Online… Not only has she hooked up with her co-star, Tyler Blackburn, the cute actress is rumored to have previously dated the likes of James Franco, Taylor Lautner and Chord Overstreet! Brant Daugherty who plays Noel originally auditioned for the role of Ezra Fitz. We can only wonder who she’ll end up with at the end of this show. Indeed, constantly pays homage to Hitchcock movies. The duo have been a couple since 2009 and got married in 2016.

Can you imagine anyone else other than Ian Harding playing the role of our fave teacher? For instance, Rosewood’s coffee shop is called Rear Window Brews, and the Season one finale of the show, particularly the church tower scene, shows hints of Hitchcock’s Sasha Pieterse didn’t feature on the show as much as she does now, considering Alison was “dead” throughout earlier seasons. In fact, they had broken up at one point but when Patrick guest-appeared on the show in 2010, he won back Troian’s heart! Can you imagine if Tammin Sursok ended up playing the role of Spencer Hastings?

The “Pretty Little Liars” series finale airs on Tuesday.

In celebration of the show’s final episode, Gossip Cop is looking back at five rumors we’ve busted about “PLL” and its cast over the years.

“Pretty Little Liars,” adapted from the book series of the same name, premiered on ABC Family on June 8, 2010. ), seven seasons and the introduction of Freeform, there’s been countless rumors, lies and scandals.

And we’re not just talking about what happened on the screen.

A., I played the song for Tyler.” Turns out, Novi and Tyler have been really good friends for years.

She says, “He’s been one of my closest friends for the last 10 years.

-A now), but perhaps the most surprising development of all involves matters of the heart.

The breakup of Rosewood’s years-long resident power couple, Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn) and Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson), was revealed in the mid-season premiere, followed soon after by a romance between Caleb and Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario).

In fact, we almost got to see a whole lot more of her as she originally auditioned to play the role of Hanna. Apparently that’s the role she had originally wanted before landing the part of Jenna Marshall.