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Revenue stamp dating achole

Typically businesses purchase the stamps from the government, and attach them to taxed items as part of putting the items on sale, or in the case of documents, as part of filling out the form.

In addition, a regulation had been introduced under which vehicle keepers in the new federal States who had more than ‧ vehicles registered in their name were able to pay their vehicle tax using a special accounting procedure rather than the revenue stamp system.

Taxation is something that has never been tremendously popular with Americans, and the new American government, in the late 18th Century, kept it to a minimum.

After all, it was excessive taxation by the British government, without sufficient colonial representation in the British parliament, that triggered the American War of Independence.

The first cigar revenue issued in 1863 was 14" long and came in five different colors, green, rose, black, yellow and blue corresponding with the tax per 1000 cigars.