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Scottish couple

A couple who moved from Scotland to Derbyshire have designed a tartan pattern to represent the county’s countryside, moorland and industrial heritage.

The brief online article mentions that David Furnish took part in gay threes*me (which may have been a way to simply throw Furnish under the bus instead of Elton John). Elton John is facing a devastating marriage crisis amid shocking charges his husband and partner of 23 years has cheated on the pop star — including with a gay ménage à trois!

They scored an interview with a businessman who claims that he was David Furnish’s lover.

We want to hear more about the olive oil wrestling!

But while Americans, Scots and anybody with an internet connection can read the salacious details of Sir Elton John’s open marriage, a controversial injunction could put English and Welsh journalists in jail if they report the same.“This is an absolute farce,” British MP Philip Davies, a member of the Commons’ justice select committee, told U. The three-page exposé detailed trysts in luxury hotels, threesomes and even a bout of olive oil wrestling, but despite Enquirer claims of Furnish’s “betrayal,” the whole affair appears to be in keeping with the couple’s open sexual relationship.

According to Laurence’s account, Furnish had unprotected sex with him at least twice (an allegation John’s lawyers deny in the report) and Furnish joined Laurence and husband Pieter Van den Bergh in a Dec. Well, exposure of that same level of hypocrisy is the reason that Elton John has been working so hard to suppress the British press from publishing the details of his extra-marital sex story.

A SCOTTISH couple has been rescued from a Co Donegal mountain after being located by a search dog.

Janette was born on in Queenzieburn, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, and Ian on 26 March 1947 in Glasgow, Scotland. They began their career as a comedy duo performing various characters, working the comedy circuit.